Here are a few reasons why it might be better to go to a broker for your insurance:

  • Getting expert advice does not cost you more.  Like comparison sites, they get paid commission by the insurance provider for selling their products so you don’t pay them a fee for shopping around to get you a good deal. Unlike comparison sites they have specialist expertise and can give you advice on the products that best suit your needs.
  • Better Protection.  Insurance is complicated, even the same policy forms do not cover the same things depending upon the carrier offering coverage. A good insurance broker can identify these exposures and show you how you can properly protect yourself from a unforeseen catastrophic expense.
  • Know your options.  Insurers won’t always offer you every type of cover when you go directly to them. Brokers can help point out the types of cover available for the insurers they cover and help you work out what you need.
  • Find the right product for you.  A broker will ask you about your personal circumstances to find you the right policy. They’ll also be able to tell you if you’re already covered by your existing insurance policies so you don’t overlap, and they will often get you a good deal by comparing prices and product features. They can also be more flexible on price than comparison sites.
  • Solutions custom built for you.  With your needs identified, a broker can find the markets to provide solutions and provide a detailed proposal you can adjust to suit your budget and risk tolerance.
  • Find a specialist provider.  On comparison sites you might not find cover for things – like income protection or work loss – that need to be tailored to suit your needs. You also won’t find specialty coverage, so if you want to insure something unique like a high-value antique or a collection, a broker will know where to go.
  • A broker will do the work for you.   Analyzing your needs, shopping for better coverage or rates, preparing and submitting your application.
  • Your claims are taken care of.   If you need to make a claim, your broker may speak to loss adjustors and claims departments and do as much as possible for you so you don’t have the hassle and worry.