Failing our children
Winterize your home Safe driving tips

Failing Our Children

More than 5000 teens die in cars each year. People are to working to stop it. Here is an Autoweek article on how you can help them.

Wheels, Deals & Spiels

A financial guide for young consumers. Learn the facts about buying cars,insurance, credit cards and more from Florida Chief Financial Officer.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Car Insurance

So you’re shopping around for auto insurance. What do you need to know? Well, there are lots of ways – at least 7 – that you can save money. Many of these money-saving ideas may apply to you.

Winterize Your Home

Is your home ready for winter? This guide provides detail information on winterizing your home. Save money now and be prepared.

Consumer's Quick Check Guide for Condominium Unit-Owners Policy

This is intended to provide the consumer with a quick and easy to read guide to your Condominium Unit-Owners policy; therefore, it does not mirror the policy, but instead, highlights certain limits or exclusions that have been the source of concerns for consumers.

Consumer's Quick Check Guide for Dwelling Property Policy

There are three different Dwelling Policy Forms offered in the State of Florida.  This guide highlights certain limits or exclusion.

Consumer's Quick Check Guide for Homeowners Policy

Intended to provide consumers with a quick and easy guide to your home owner's policy, highlighting certain limits and exclusions.

Wind Mitigation

Answer your questions about hurricane mitigation and techniques that could result in a discount on your home owner's insurance.

Over 101 Driving Tip for Young Drivers

General safety tips for young drivers when driving to school, around town, in the country, in bad weather and many others.